United Colors of Benetton

Empowering Store Staff using wearable technology helped Benetton, a global fashion retailer, increase their sales and staff productivity

As a leading fashion retailer, Benetton discovered that they had the potential to improve sales performance and operational efficiency. Simultaneously, Benetton understood that this can be achieved through enhancing customer
engagement whilst improving their conversion rates, basket size and transactional value.

Inovretail partnered with Benetton to help them achieve their performance ambitions and drive sustainable development by deploying our Staff Empowerment Solution. See-watch utilises pre-existing data to predict the necessary staff performance over varying lengths of time in order to drive individual targets, allowing store staff to monitor their own performance against dynamic KPIs in real-time.

Automated help request notifications alert store staff, helping them to identify and attend customers that need additional support. The solution allows Benetton’s employees to react in real-time to the customer needs, providing seamless store experience to drive better customer engagement.

Improved staff scheduling, incentives calculation and monitoring resulted in increasing productivity and workforce motivation, while improving store performance in alignment to the company goals and objectives.

See-watch empowered staff uncovered their superpowers