Levi’s – Staff Performance Use Case

From a pilot to the global project: How empowering in-store staff across 6 different geographies helped Levi’s, one of the world’s best-known brands, to boost their sales performance and increase staff productivity.

Inovretail piloted a staff empowerment project with Levi’s to help them boost their sales performance, whilst improving their conversion rates, basket size and transactional value. The success of the project is achieved through embracing the power of AI on wearable devices. Real-time individual targets and KPIs, dynamic notifications and customer insights allowed Levi’s sales staff to react immediately to customer’s needs, it all came together to provide a seamless store experience and drove excellent customer engagement.


  • Real- time individual sales targets & HQ comms
  • Omnichannel instant delivery
  • Real-time customer data & insights
  • Gamification
  • Predicting staffing requirements at hourly levels based on sales data
  • Data-driven incentives calculation

Our Staff Empowerment Smartwatch solution uses future demand to predict staff requirements at hourly levels and drive individual targets. This has allowed Levi’s store staff to monitor their own performance against dynamic KPIs in real-time. Data-driven staff scheduling, and intelligent incentives calculation resulted in increasing productivity and workforce motivation. The project has improved store performance whilst driving sustainable development.

In partnership with Inovretail, Levi’s is currently empowering their store staff in 83 stores across 6 different geographies, leading one of the biggest smartwatch-based worldwide projects.