What we have been reading – February

This Is How The Pandemic Improved Customer Service

“It’s hard to see a silver lining in the COVID-19 pandemic. But look closely. Companies have taken quiet but dramatic steps to improve customer service — and the results are impressive.
Better customer service is happening on a broader scale, from large cable companies to small businesses selling critters. They’ve added better technology, personalization, and more ways to communicate. They’ve retrained and redeployed customer service teams and overcome new challenges — all in the name of better customer service. “The pandemic changed the structure of everything we experience from how we shop and socialize to how we work,” says Baiju Shah, chief strategy officer, for Accenture Interactive.”

Source: Forbes

How the beauty retail market can survive Covid-19

“It’s clear that beauty – which comprises of cosmetics, skin care and more – is one of the biggest and fastest-growing categories in retail.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a shift in purchasing behaviours. As many Brits continue to work from home and a plethora of social and cultural events have been cancelled, the demand for beauty has inevitably dropped as demand for loungewear and sportswear increases.

Sona Abaryan, retail expert at data collector Ekimetrics, said retailers have notably seen growth in skincare product consumption throughout the pandemic. “As remote working is here for the long-term, people are more focused on selfcare and their health, rather than cosmetic products,” she explained.”

Source: Retail Gazette

Adidas officially aims to divest Reebok

“Adidas has concluded its strategic assessment for Reebok with an announced plan to unload the smaller brand. In a press release, the company offered few details about a possible sale or spin off but said it has now “decided to begin a formal process aimed at divesting Reebok.”  Explaining the decision, Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said in a statement that “we have come to the conclusion that Reebok and adidas will be able to significantly better realize their growth potential independently of each other.”

Source: Retail Dive

Big Interview: James Kitto, Vice President of Sales, Samsung

“According to Samsung, 2021 represents almost a new chapter in the technology industry. Kitto told Retail Gazette that customers were already embracing a new digital era of consumer experience, but the crisis has radically accelerated that.

Kitto remains confident that Samsung’s stores will return to pre-pandemic levels once the vaccines have been rolled out and lockdown restrictions are lifted. “In a world where Covid is in the rear view mirror, there should be no reason why retail can’t recover,” he told Retail Gazette. With the KX store’s unique selling point being experiential retail before Covid, Kitto believes this is the same reason why retail will remain strong in 2021 and beyond. “Giving people a reason not to buy online is the reason why retail will exist going forward,” he said.”
Source: Retail Gazette