United Colors of Benetton

Empowering Store Staff using wearable technology helped Benetton, a global fashion retailer, increase their sales and staff productivity

As a leading fashion retailer, Benetton discovered that they had the potential to improve sales performance and operational efficiency. Simultaneously, Benetton understood that this can be achieved through enhancing customer
engagement whilst improving their conversion rates, basket size and transactional value.

Inovretail partnered with Benetton to help them achieve their performance ambitions and drive sustainable development by deploying our Staff Empowerment Solution. See-watch utilises pre-existing data to predict the necessary staff performance over varying lengths of time in order to drive individual targets, allowing store staff to monitor their own performance against dynamic KPIs in real-time.

Automated help request notifications alert store staff, helping them to identify and attend customers that need additional support. The solution allows Benetton’s employees to react in real-time to the customer needs, providing seamless store experience to drive better customer engagement.

Improved staff scheduling, incentives calculation and monitoring resulted in increasing productivity and workforce motivation, while improving store performance in alignment to the company goals and objectives.

See-watch empowered staff uncovered their superpowers

Retail Market Survey – 2020 Report

How are Retailers driving their in-store performance? Are you ahead of your competitors? We analysed 20 top fashion brands, download our Survey Report and find out what we discovered. 

Some of our top insights from this report:

  • Only 1 of 5 brands have individual sales target for each of their employees
  • None of the retailers have time slots specifically attributed to non-selling activities in their staff schedules
  • Employees took on average 4 minutes to respond when asked for an assistance in the fitting room

Staff Empowerment Solución Saas para Smartwatch

De un piloto a un proyecto global: Cómo potenciando al personal de tienda en 6 geografías diferentes ayudó a Levi’s, una de las marcas más conocidas del mundo, a aumentar su rendimiento comercial y optimizar su productividad en tienda.

Inovretail puso a prueba un proyecto de staff empowerment con Levi’s para ayudarles a aumentar su rendimiento comercial, al tiempo que, mejoraba su tasa de conversión, el valor de ticket medio y el valor transaccional.

El éxito del proyecto se logró adoptando el poder de la IA a dispositivos wearables. Gracias a los objetivos y KPI’s individuales en tiempo real, a las notificaciones dinámicas y al mayor conocimiento de los clientes, se consiguió que el staff de Levi’s reaccionara de manera inmediata a las necesidades de éstos. El resultado de todo ello es una excelente experiencia de compra y un compromiso mucho más alto por parte del cliente.


  • Objetivos de ventas individuales y comunicación con la Sede en tiempo real
  • Entrega omnicanal instantánea
  • Datos e conocimiento del cliente en tiempo real
  • Gamificación
  • Predicción de los objetivos por hora en base a los datos de ventas.
  • Cálculo de incentivos basados en datos

Nuestra solución de Staff Empowerment en Smartwatch utiliza la demanda futura para predecir los requerimientos del personal para cada hora e impulsar los objetivos individuales. Esto, ha permitido que el staff de Levi’s sea capaz de monitorizar su propio desempeño frente a sus KPI dinámicos en tiempo real. La programación de horarios y tareas basada en datos, así como el cálculo inteligente de incentivos, dieron como resultado un aumento de la productividad y la motivación de la fuerza laboral. El proyecto ha conseguido mejorar el rendimiento de las tiendas al mismo tiempo que ha impulsado su desarrollo constante. En asociación con Inovretail, Levi’s está capacitando a su staff en 83 tiendas de 6 geografías diferentes y liderando uno de los mayores proyectos mundiales basados en smartwatch.


Empowering Children’s wishes together

We are very happy to announce our Holiday Season initiative, where we want to show our support and effort for the local communities. This year we will be helping children from “Make a Wish” foundation. Together, with a small donation from each of you, we can grant a wish to one of the kids.

What is our goal?
“Wishes can’t wait. More wishes are waiting to be granted – and these wishes need you.”

“Make a wish” foundation help to grant the wish of children diagnosed with a critical illness. The foundation believes that a wish experience can be a game-changer. This one belief guides them and inspires them to grant wishes that change the lives of the kids they support. A wish experience is frequently a source of inspiration for children undergoing difficult medical treatments.
Wishes don’t just happen on their own. Wishes are only made possible through the donation of individual donors, corporations and other organizations.

How does it work?
Together we can empower children’s wishes to come true! Starting today we will be collecting funds to grant a special wish for one of the kids.
For every 1€ that you decide to donate, you are purchasing one star. Each star symbolises a part of a child’s wish and you can show your support by putting it up on the Holiday Tree. The more stars we have brightening our tree, the closer we are to make the wish happen. Every donation matters.